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Mosaic Jewish Primary school is an inclusive school and we believe that all children should be given the opportunities to reach their full potential. As a school we work together to ensure that children are challenged and supported in all lessons and, where needed, are given additional support.

From time to time many children will need special help either to overcome a learning difficulty, or to ensure that the curriculum fully extends their abilities. Specialist help is available within the school. Our Special Needs co-ordinator, Mrs Brown, oversees the work of a team of teachers and classroom assistants who support and advise the classroom teacher. They work with focus groups of children and monitor their progress.


Additional help is available, when appropriate, from Educational Psychologists and other outside support agencies.

Children who have a specific area of need are given an SEND Support Plan which is reviewed throughout the year. Children, parents and the school are very much part of this process.

If you need to speak to Mrs Brown, please email her on

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