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“May our children be our builders.”

As a school we pride ourselves on our commitment to Jewish Education to ensure that all children and their families benefit from universal Jewish values and ethics, whatever strand of Judaism they adhere to and whatever faith they follow.


Our aim is to educate children of all faiths, beliefs and none, about Judaism so that they leave as responsible and communally active individuals. We hope they will develop a sense of identity that includes the best of Jewish and British values and traditions. They will be growing up in a diverse local and global community and should know their place in that world. Jewish values are strongly connected to all faiths so support children’s burgeoning spiritual development.

We want children’s time in school to be exciting, absorbing, and rewarding leading to high academic attainment. This is a priority for us and is achieved through a well taught and inspiring curriculum. All aspects of our curriculum are designed to respect and value our children who come from diverse backgrounds. Wherever possible we use examples from our communities so that children can make connections as well as enquiring new knowledge.

Our approach to the curriculum is  one which develops a thirst for knowledge. Wherever possible children will learn in a contextual way providing meaning and purpose to what they do. The breadth of curriculum content allows pupils to explore through an enquiry based curriculum where there are no limits to learning and there is a clear development of skills.

Progression of Skills

For more information about the National Curriculum expectations for each year group, please see below. 


Year 1

Year 3

Year 5

Year 2

Year 4

Year 6

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