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Clubs and Enrichment

Music Lessons

Mosaic are excited to announce that Wandsworth Music are offering the opportunity for your child to study a musical instrument in school with one of our expert tutors.

Playing a musical instrument builds confidence, makes children smarter and above all, it’s fun! There are so many benefits for your child so what are you waiting for?

Lessons can be taken in either an individual or group setting and will last 30 minutes. To discover which instruments are available in your school, as well as the costs involved, please click the link below. 

We are pleased to offer a variety of Clubs at Mosaic.

The booking and payment for some externally run Clubs are managed directly by the Club Provider.  Payments for these external Clubs will NOT be available via Arbor. Each Provider has a Club Information Leaflet, which gives all the details on how to book. If you are eligible for Pupil Premium please contact the office regarding a space for Clubs.

All teacher led Clubs are bookable via Arbor. Please email if you need assistance.

Bookings will be done on a first come, first served basis, some of the more popular Clubs get very busy, so please ensure that you apply and pay in plenty of time to avoid disappointment. 


All Clubs have varied start, end dates and times, please look at the individual Club Leaflets.


Please note if payment is not received in advance, your child will not be able to take part.

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