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Pupil Leaders


“May our children be our builders.”

"If not me, then who?"

We want pupils to play an active and positive role in all aspects of school life.

We believe that all children should be given the opportunity to lead an initiative or hold a position of responsibility that impacts the school as a whole, so we offer a wide range of leadership roles in teams.

Each team has a link teacher who works closely with the pupils to develop new projects, arrange events and help the children to contribute to the voice and vision of the school.

Pupil Headship Team

We are currently in the process of appointing our Headship team. 

Please check back soon. 

School Council


School Council play an important role in shaping the school. They have many important responsibilities including:


  • Meet with Miss Gordon to discuss key topics​

  • Meet with parents and prospective parents ​

  • Support members of staff in the library​

  • Carry out important jobs for members of staff around the school.​

  • Be a role model to all​


House Captains


The children take part in active citizenship, whereby they lead a series of charitable events throughout the school (in conjunction with school council). At the beginning of each year the House and Vice Captains put their proposals forward to the head teacher who sanctions the activities and fundraising events. Some of their responsibilities include:


  • Lead and support the children of your House in a variety of charity events. ​

  • Collect, monitor and announce House Points​

  • Inspire the children of your House​

  • Be an excellent role model in behaviour, attitude and dress at all times​

  • Be available for ‘out of school’ events such as fetes, after school bake sales, etc.​


Junior Travel Ambassadors


JTA’s are responsible for promoting active travel, walking, cycling or scooting, and road safety. They also promote independent travel to their peers as they prepare for the transition from primary to secondary school.​ Some of their responsibilities include:


  • Leading assemblies.​

  • Conducting surveys.​

  • Classroom talks​

  • Running competitions​

  • Helping to complete the school’s application for the TfL STARS awards.


Torah Team


The Torah teaches us to do good deeds and to love your community. As a member of the Torah Team the children are expected to follow the Jewish values and carry out deeds to support the school and the community.​ Some of their responsibilities include:


  • Supporting Miss Cohen and other adults in organising events for the whole school​

  • To be a role model for others​

  • To work together as a team to carry out tasks as directed by Miss Cohen and other teachers. E.g., help other classes to learn the prayers and visit local schools to deliver assemblies. ​

  • To serve the school and the community​


Eco Warriors


The children known as the ‘Eco Warriors’ take their role very seriously and understand that we all play a part in the role of making our school more sustainable. The representatives from each year group feedback suggestions made by their peers and suggest ways of improving our environment as well as helping to implement these ideas. ​ Some of their responsibilities include:


  • School Assemblies​

  • Designing posters and leaflets​

  • Being a class ambassador​

  • Organising events (litter picks etc.)​

  • Supporting the local community​

  • Creating and implementing a whole school action plan.​

  • Working towards Mosaic receiving the Bronze Eco Schools award

Science and Technology

Tech Team


The Tech Team are a vital part of increasing the profile of computing within the school and supporting staff, children and parents to access it fully. ​ Some of their responsibilities include:


  • Work closely other year groups to support their learning​

  • Support productions and assemblies where needed​

  • Promote E-safety within the school and local community

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