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Reception 2023 Places

As our school has an ethos of inclusiveness and diversity it is important that our admission policy is structured in a way to help achieve a balance between children local to the school, and those of Jewish faith from across the south and south west of London. We believe that the split between open and faith-based places, as outlined in our policy, is an effective way to achieve this.  


With regard to the faith-based places, we have developed a broad and inclusive criterion for “Jewishness” that reflects our cross-community and pluralistic ethos and perspective. We want a school where everyone feels welcome and at home and our admissions criteria are intended to encourage this as much as possible. We are committed to a process that is transparent. Please complete the faith Application form below if you wish to apply for a faith-based place. 

Please ensure that all applications are submitted on or before the deadline of January 15th 2023.

Admissions Form

To download our admissions form, please click the link below.  Once completed please send to Alternatively, you can send a hard copy to the following address:
FAO: Admissions
Mosaic Jewish Primary School
170 Roehampton Lane
SW15 4EU



Parents who wish to appeal an admission decision with respect to their child have a right to appeal. The Governing Board will establish an Independent Appeal Panel and appeals should be made directly to Governing Board ( We intend to fully comply with the procedures and practices of the Local Authority in which the school is located.


We are committed to abiding by all relevant regulations, codes and laws that pertain to admissions, including the Social Admissions code, the School Admission Appeals code and admissions law as it applies to maintained schools. ​

In Year Transfer 

If you wish to transfer your child to Mosaic within the academic year, please complete the form below and return it to Wandsworth Council. Please email with any questions. 

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