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The purpose of this information page is to inform you of how we assess our children at Mosaic and what this means.

At Mosaic, we use Arbor to enable us to track children’s progress and report to parents and relevant stakeholders.


Children’s summative attainment will be assessed on a termly basis, and recorded as follows:


BLW – Below the ARE (age-related expectations) for their year group

WTS – Working towards ARE for their year group 

EXS – At the expected level for their year group

GDS – Working at greater depth within their year group ​


Please note:

Children who maintain their level (shown above) throughout the year will be assessed as having made expected progress from their baseline. For example, a child who starts the year as WTS may continue to be WTS throughout the year. This means, they have made consistent progress within the new year group content.


Children who have made more than expected progress throughout the year may be assessed at a higher level than that of their baseline. For example, a child who starts the year at WTS may achieve EXS by the end of the academic year.

We teach children from where their starting points are. Therefore, some children will not be working in line with their year groups expectations and will still be working towards objectives from a lower year groups curriculum. 

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