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Remote Learning

January 2021


Mosaic recognises the importance of education and strives to provide the best education possible for its pupils. We recognise that the role of the Academy is significant in providing a progressive set of experiences and concepts that will allow our pupils to not only deepen their knowledge and understanding of the world but will provide the foundation for all future learning and their role as a citizen in the 21st Century.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the Government decreed that all schools should close and limit their provision to support those who were vulnerable or who had parents as key workers. Since we reopened to more pupils from 1 June 2020 and then latterly, after further lockdowns,  the focus has been upon ensuring that all pupils experience a progressive curriculum.  A remote learning curriculum was provided to all pupils who didn’t return in June 2020 and, since the wider opening in June, the daily lessons were aligned to the curriculum provided within the school.

From September 2020, the Government required all schools to provide a curriculum that all pupils can access if even they are required to access it remotely. Concerns still remain surrounding parents’ ability to access online learning both in terms of access to technology as well as the ability to support their children during ‘academic hours’ but we will strive to provide a comprehensive and considered curriculum.

Dylan Williams (2019) stated that:

‘The real curriculum is the lived daily experience of young people in classrooms.’

In order to provide the best range of learning experiences, we have had to consider not only how will a single pupil access the learning remotely as much as how a whole class or year group will access it. we have recognised that during the continued uncertainty of the Coronavirus pandemic, certain elements of the curriculum may require adaptation in order to meet the remote learning provision.

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