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Welcome to our school gallery where you will get an insight into the great work that takes place at Mosaic. 


Tu B'Shevat 

Whole School

Last week we celebrated another amazing Jewish festival called Tu B’Shevat, which means the New Year of the Trees. It marks the start of spring in Israel when trees begin to bloom after a long, cold winter. 

In art, we tried to capture the beauty and visually arresting character of trees. Each year group got engaged in a different art project based around trees.


Reception made handprint trees

Year 1

Year 1 created tree sculptures.

Year 2

Year 2 made the Kandinsky style trees

Year 3

Year 3 worked on Four Seasons Paper Tree.

Year 4

Year 4 created a Circle Grid Tree.

Year 5

Year 5 made beautiful Tree lanterns

Year 6

Year 6 used coffee to paint trees.

The Great Fire of London 

Year 2

Year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of London this half term. Not only have they travelled back in time during their English and History lessons, but they also create model houses during their DT lessons based on the style of houses from 1666. To help the children fully understand the challenges that the firefighters faced during The Great Fire, the teachers set their models alight whilst the children used the same techniques from 1666 to put out the flames. 

All safety procedures were followed during this exercise. 

"This was the best day EVER!" (Year 2 child)

Remembrance Day Video


Sukkot is a Jewish festival where people celebrate the gathering of the crops, and remember the time in the past when small shelters were made by the Jewish people when they were in the desert and had no homes.


The “four species” are important symbols of Sukkot and represent the blessings of nature. These are lulav (a green, closed frond of a date palm tree), hadass (twigs and leaves from a myrtle tree), aravah (twigs and leaves from a willow tree) and etrog (a lemon-like fruit of the citron tree).


To help celebrate Sukkot, our art teacher, Mrs Novak, incorporated the festival into each year groups Art and DT lessons which have now been displayed in our Sukkah. The Sukkaa will stay up until the end of term so that all of the children are able to visit it and see their work.  

Autumn 1 Classroom Displays

Autumn 1 Classroom Displays

Take a sneak peak into the great learning that is taking place in each classroom throughout the school. 

Autumn 2 Classroom Displays

Autumn 2 Classroom Displays

Take a sneak peak into the great learning that is taking place in each classroom throughout the school. 

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