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Curriculum Enrichment Fund

Champion The Way Forward

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Our Curriculum Enrichment Fund  enables us to fund education and learning opportunities which could not be afforded based on the money that we receive from the government 



Diversity and inclusivity are at the heart of the Mosaic ethos, and the Curriculum Enrichment Fund is fundamental to providing the resources that inspire everyone in our school community to be the best they can be. All children at Mosaic benefit equally whether or not their parents or carers make a voluntary contribution. We acknowledge that everyone has a different situation and perhaps supporting curriculum enrichment may not be possible, or might not be how you choose to give back to our community.


For those in our community who are able to do so, we encourage termly contributions to the Curriculum Enrichment Fund to enhance the educational experience of every pupil in our school. By each family giving regular contributions, we can make a real difference in providing the best education possible for all children at our thriving school. There are several ways to support all children and curriculum enrichment at Mosaic Jewish Primary School. 



To donate via credit card or contribute directly to the Mosaic's charitable account, please email for instructions.  

If your employer participates in the Give As You Earn scheme, please email for applicable details. 

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