What happened this month?

Article posted on Wednesday, May, 23rd, 2012 at 1:54 pm

During the past month a lot of things have happened. We’re definitely not sitting around waiting for approval, we’re preparing ourselves for approval.

Our fundraising team has been working hard to raise awareness of our need for funds. We’ve also been meeting other schools to learn from their successes

We recently met with The King David School in Birmingham. It is particularly interesting with its 25%Jewish pupils. It has outstanding standards in the secular curriculum and has a vibrant ethos which integrates Jewish values. There is a positive atmosphere of co-operation and harmony, all set in the context of a multi-cultural city primary school.

Soon after we visited Calderwood Lodge – the only Jewish School in Scotland. The head teacher in Glasgow talked with enthusiasm about her approach to ensuring all children were included in festival celebrations in a way that was appropriate for them. This school has a mixture of Jewish, Muslim and Christian children as well as those with other beliefs.

2 Responses to What happened this month?

  1. catherine says:

    I am a parent of four year old boy , my son was not offered the reception school place of my choice and i am facing an appeal in july 2012. i am fed up with this biased selection in the wandsworth school application process. i have four othe rsons who are now grown up and one of them still at secondary school.
    I am not looking forward to having to reason why i want my 4 year old son to go to the school we have chosen, but we will have to. wether we are successful is in Gods hands. I am very happy that south london jewish primary school is opening in 2013 and want to put my son on the list now. how do i do this?

  2. EugeneR says:

    Dear Catherine,

    Thank you for your comments, our goal in opening this school is to make it easier for parents to obtain school places for their children.

    At the moment we are still in the approval process and as such it is not possible to select South London Jewish Primary School as your son’s choice. However, we would encourage you to fill in your details on the Register page so that we can keep you informed on progress and (hopefully) tell you when you can officially sign up your son.

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