It’s Snowing!

Article posted on Friday, January, 18th, 2013 at 10:01 am

What a week!!!! The Wandsworth admissions deadline finally arrived on Tuesday and we are delighted to have heard from so many interested families that they have put in their applications for our first Reception class. Please don’t worry if you have missed the deadline and are still interested as selecting SLJPS as your first choice school as you can still apply for SLJPS. After all applicants who prioritised SLJPS in their application have been allocated a place, any available places will be opened up for late applicants. It is therefore worthwhile sending in your application form to Wandsworth Council and SLJPS if you are applying for a faith-based place and marking SLJPS as your first choice.

Also its been a busy week for our Head Teacher Designate Kate Baum.

“This past week has been very exciting and informative. I have moved into my new office and started setting up all technology that will help me keep in touch with you (our interested families) and the many partners that we will be working with over the coming months. All details for contacting us can be found on our website. Also, I have begun visiting schools to formulate an idea of what our children will learn in Jewish Studies and Ivrit (Hebrew) at our school, from Reception all the way to the end of Year 6. I have spent time at Akiva school in Finchley and also looked at a wide range of resources, at the Jewish Book Service. I have been collating a ‘shopping list’ of the books, puzzles and games that will support some of the Jewish aspects of our exciting and inspiring curriculum.”

Wishing you all a shabbat shalom and fun in the snow now it has arrived!

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