Weekly Update – First Day at School

Article posted on Friday, June, 28th, 2013 at 2:22 pm


Dear Interested Families


Our first pupils have arrived at school – Last week MJPS’ first cohort of children enjoyed a visit to school with their teacher Katie Barton. MJPS opened the doors to the new classrooms to welcome its first reception class and their parents/carers for an induction session. They were able to explore their new learning space, meet their teacher and classmates and try on their new school uniform.


The class of 30 children will spend at least their first year of school enjoying the excellent facilities of the temporary site at Queensmere Road while the development of the school’s permanent site gets underway in neighbouring Roehampton.


“We are so thrilled to welcome the children and their families to their induction day,” said Kate Baum, Headteacher MJPS. “For all our children and their parents this is the first time they have been into the furnished classrooms and they are finally realising a dream that we have all worked towards for so long.”


“We hope that the chance to see their classrooms, meet their classmates and familiarise themselves with their surrounding will help many of our children with the big step of starting school in September,” said Katie Barton, MJPS’ Reception Teacher. “During their visit to the school we have also taken the opportunity to arrange a home visit so we can talk to the children in their own surroundings.  This will help develop the relationships that lead to a confident and successful transition into school.”


“The timing of the induction is particularly poignant as MJPS is thrilled to share that Lord Nash has written confirming that the Secretary of State has entered into the all important Funding Agreement,” said Shirley Lee Chair of Governors. “We are so excited as we are now a school! Yes, a school with pupils, teachers, a location for a permanent site and the final piece of the jigsaw, a signed funding agreement.”


We are sure you will agree that this is a pretty special week for pupils, parents, teachers and all those that have worked tirelessly to bring us to this moment! Please enjoy a photograph of Katie reading a rather exciting story to some of the children in their fabulous ‘book corner’.

Best wishes20130624 Katie  class



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