Birmingham or Bust!

Article posted on Monday, January, 28th, 2013 at 10:16 pm

It’s been another busy week for the team at SLJPS. We have been focusing on the drafting and reviewing of the policies that are key to the appropriate and legal running of our school. We have also drafted a ‘Day in the Life‘ piece for the website to give you an outline of a typical school day for our Reception children. A further addition to the website are the biographies of the SLJPS Directors so that you can put faces to names and roles.

Kate had a busy week too, braving the snow to visit a Jewish school in Birmingham….

“Since my last update I have had the pleasure of spending the day at the King David School, in Birmingham. Whilst it is an Orthodox Jewish school, 75% of the children currently enrolled are Muslim or of other faiths. I was particularly fortunate to be there on a Friday to join the children and staff for their Kabbalat Shabbat, bringing in the Sabbath, celebrations. The integration of Jewish values in a multi-cultural school was so exciting to see, and be part of. It was very inspiring for me as we move towards opening our unique community school in South London.”

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