Happy Hanukkah

Article posted on Friday, December, 7th, 2012 at 2:23 pm

School visit invitation

We are very aware that many of our parents are sending their first child to school and they have not visited a reception classroom since they were small children themselves. Kate Baum, our Head Teacher Designate, has very kindly extended an invitation to visit her current school, Alderbrook Primary School, on Thursday the 13th Dec at 10am. Places for this visit are limited so please RSVP to info@sljps.org.uk if you would like to attend.

Breakfast Club
A number of parents have asked us about ‘wrap around care’, which is especially important for the children of working parents. For those that are interested, the school intends to offer such a service on site. A breakfast club is likely to be run by staff members from the early morning. After school clubs will only run in the year of opening if there is demand, but this is not something we would want to encourage for Reception-aged children who will be going to school all day for the first time.

Answers to this question and many others can be found on our website.

Happy Hanukkah
Over the next few days many of us will celebrate the festival of Hanukkah. This festival commemorates how the oil in the temple, sufficient for one day, miraculously lasted for eight. Within our homes and across the community we light candles, eat special foods, exchange gifts and make contributions to charity to mark this special time. Our children particularly enjoy this very magical time and as we work towards the opening of the first Jewish Primary School in South London in over 70 years, yet again we feel like we are living in miraculous times.

Before we know it our first class of children will be lighting their Hanukkah candles together. As parents and carers we will be looking back upon all the miracles of learning that your children will have experienced during their first term of school.

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