Wandsworth Guardian acknowledges SLJPS

Article posted on Friday, July, 20th, 2012 at 8:58 am

New free schools are given go-ahead

Read on the Wandsworth Guardian site (Page 7)

Three new free primary schools have received the go-ahead from the Governemnt to open next September.
Tooting Primary School, in Francscan Road, Tooting, Balham Free Primary School and South London Jewish Primary School (SLJPS) were all approved by the Department for Education this week.
The schools will ease the pressure on primary school places and provide more choice for parents.

Tooting Primary School will be run as an educational trust in partnership with Graveney School, but will have its own headteacher and staff. It will be located in the Franciscan Road Professional Centre, while the Jewish school hopes to open in Southfields.

It will offer 50 per cent of its places to children from the Jewish population and the remaining 50 per cent will be allocated by Wandsworth’s admissions policy.

The Balham Free Primary School, whose location has not been confirmed, aims to be an inclusive, all-ability school with small class sizes – and will be sponsored by Place Group and Bellevue Education.

Graham Stapleton, principal of Graveney School, said: “This is great news for parents in Tooting. They have already shown their support for a new primary school in the area and we are determined to live up to their expectations.”

Claire Delaney, managing director of the Place Group, said: “We believe, passionately, that every young person has the right to an exceleednt education and should have the opportunity to achieve their full potential, regardless of their background, in a stimulating and caring environment.”

Shirley Lee, co-chairperson of SLJPS steering group, said “We are thrilled to be announcing that SLJPS has received the go ahead from the Government. Although for many of us the work is just beginning we feel we can pause briefly to congratulate everyone for their contributions.”

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