Update for interested parents with children starting school in September 2013

Article posted on Thursday, September, 27th, 2012 at 8:40 am

If you have children starting school next September 2013 you may have already received your Choose a Wandsworth Primary School 2013 booklet from Wandsworth Council. This booklet lists all the schools within the borough and details of how to make applications. The booklet is also available online to download HERE.  There is no urgency for your applications as the closing date is 15 January 2013. For those of you outside the borough you may have received a similar booklet from your local authority.

The South London Jewish Primary School is listed in the Wandsworth booklet (P45) with a full and detailed outline of our admissions policy. Also the admissions policy has been posted on our website www.sljps.org.uk and shortly there will be a Q&A facility. The Q&A facility is designed to help you with any questions that you may have.

It is important that those of you considering making an application to the school for September 2013 take the time to read and understand the admissions policy. This is particularly important if you are considering making a faith-based application as there are very specific criteria that need to be met in advance of your application. You will also need to need to complete a supplementary information form from our website www.sljps.org.uk (which will be available shortly).  As soon as this is available, we will notify everyone.

For those of you interested in applying for our 50% of open places we also welcome your applications and any questions that you may have on admissions. Guidance on geographical location and admissions distances will be available as soon as we have secureda site.  We will keep you updated as soon as we have information which we can share with you. 
For those of you outside the borough applying on-line, your application will be sent by your borough automatically to Wandsworth.

If you are not applying online, you will need to complete the application form issued by your own borough and return it to them.  They will then process your application in liaison with Wandsworth who are managing all SLJPS applications.
Finally we just want to remind you that you are receiving this email because you registered your interest in the school. If you haven’t done so already please reconfirm the following:

1)   You are still interested in enrolling your child

2)   The name of you child (or children) born AFTER 31/08/2008 and birth-date

3)   Areas of expertise you can offer  (optional)
Your continuing support is very much appreciated.


If you didn’t get this email then please go to the Register page and add your details so that we can keep in touch with you.

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