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Article posted on Tuesday, July, 3rd, 2012 at 9:07 am

A recent article in the Evening Standard highlighted the fact that every Free School applicant is waiting eagerly for the approval announcements which are expected within the next fortnight.

London poised for new wave of free schools

Anna Davis, Education Correspondent

London is set to get dozens more free schools as the Government prepares to announce which ones it has approved.

Seventy-five groups in London want to open free schools next year, and those that applied will find out within the next fortnight if they have been successful.

Natalie Evans, of the New Schools Network, which works with groups wanting to set up the schools, said: “London is over-represented, partly because of the places issue — there are not enough primary school places.

“Being the capital, the concentration of people reinforces the action. If you are in a rural area, where there is not much going on, it may be more difficult to galvanise people.”

The organisation worked with 264 groups across the country which want to open schools next year, although it is not known how many actually submitted applications to the Department for Education.

Free schools are semi-independent and report to the department rather than local education authorities.

One third of all such schools are in London, and a further 23 have been given permission to open this September or beyond.

Among the applications to open next year are a primary school run by Toby Young, who has already opened the West London Free School, a secondary in Hammersmith.

David Perks, a physics teacher, has also applied to open the East London Science School, an 800-pupil comprehensive, which will focus on teaching the three sciences separately, along with maths.

Mr Perks wants to open the school next year and is looking at sites in Newham and Tower Hamlets.

He said: “It could not be a more exciting time to open a school in east London. The Olympic Games will showcase the area on a world stage.”

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