Article posted on Friday, October, 21st, 2016 at 2:20 pm

This week saw our Year 3 class present a harvest assembly for Sukkot, as part of their learning they visited Roehampton Church School to participate in a  harvest service in the church. They also made their own Succah buildings!





This week also saw year 1 visit London Zoo, they had a lovely day continuing their learning of animals from around the world.


London Zoo 2                          London Zoo 3


Shabbat Shalom and hag sameach (happy holidays)


Kate Baum


Please note our open days and contact the  office if you would like to attend one the dates given below:




Tuesday 15th November          1.30pm


Thursday 8th December          9.30pm


Thursday 5th January              9.30pm


Wednesday 11th January        1.30pm






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