Sukkot & Socialising

Article posted on Wednesday, September, 25th, 2013 at 5:43 pm

This week, in the three full days that we have been here, the children have been continued to get used to school routines and enjoying more of the fabulous resources that are available to them.

032In addition to all the number work and phonics they have been doing,  they have also  been learning more about the festival of Sukkot. They have acted out the story of the Jewish people fleeing from Egypt and then living in temporary dwellings (succot) in the desert. We have spent time in both our succah in the classroom and outside, being hosts to the children of Apples and Honey Nursery and some older children from Alderbrook School. We have shaken the lulav and etrog and  have been practising the blessing that we say before eating fruit that grows on a tree.

029The children have been also learning about this week’s Torah portion, (parashat ha shavua). This week we tell the story of creation, Bereisheit and the children have done some wonderful paintings about the different things that were created.

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