South London Jewish Primary School has been approved!!!

Article posted on Friday, July, 13th, 2012 at 11:23 am

We are proud to announce that the Department for Education has this morning notified us that we have been approved to proceed to the pre-opening stage. This is a fantastic achievement which is a credit to the hard work, support and dedication of the SLJPS team, the community, the councillors and the government departments who have guided us through this project.

At this time we wish to pass on our thanks to everyone who has supported the school and ask that you continue this level of enthusiasm. We have a lot of work to do before September 2013 and need a lot of financial support to enable us to open. Please help us reach the goal that we have been working towards all this time.

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Jewish Primary School to Open in South London

(Jewish Chronicle)

After 70 years a Jewish school is set to open in South London.  Following today’s announcement by the Department for Education of the latest crop of free schools. The South London Jewish Primary School (SLJPS) has received the go ahead as one of this year’s successful proposers to open a single form entry primary school in September 2013.

The first free school of its kind south of the river is the result of enthusiastic campaigning by a group of individuals both from the Jewish and non-Jewish communities. Educators, business people, interested parents and even a stand up comedian have been involved in a submission of a proposal to the Department for Education for the latest round of free school funding allocations.

The project to open the SLJPS arose from the identification of a genuine demand for a Jewish primary school in South London, coupled with a significant shortage in school places across the region. The school will offer 50% of its places to children from the local Jewish population and the remaining 50% will be allocated based on Wandsworth’s admissions policy.

“We are thrilled to be announcing that the SLJPS has received the go ahead from the Government. Our vision for a Jewish primary school south of the River has taken about two long years to reach this point.  Although for many of us the work is just beginning we feel we can pause briefly to congratulate everyone for their contributions,” said Shirley Lee, Co-Chairperson, SLJPS Steering Group.

 “Our vision of a pluralist educational environment that reflects the make up of the South London Community is becoming a reality. The challenges for the next twelve months are significant. We will begin work straight away on sourcing premises, appointing highly qualified staff and enrolling pupils. We are really fortunate though as we have an amazing team and a distinctive model on which to build.”

12 Responses to South London Jewish Primary School has been approved!!!

  1. Anne Clark says:

    Mazal tov to you all for getting to this place.

  2. noreen says:

    A big Mazaltov…congratulations to
    to all the team and of course to my sister Shirley Lee..great work.

    looking forward to hearing about the next stage,

  3. Ben Baginsky says:

    Mazal tov on a great achievement and the beginning of an unbelievably exciting time for south London Jewry. Shabbat shalom. Ben

  4. Naomi R says:

    Mazel tov to an amazing and determined team of people. Shabbat Shalom.

  5. Daniel Sheridan says:

    a huge congratulations to the team who pulled this off – we are so impressed!
    and if the school is anything like apples and honey nursery, it’ll be a wonderful place for the children lucky enough to go to it!

  6. Claudia Camhi says:

    What a wonderful news! Thank you steering group and many congratulations to all involved. It is very exciting to know that such an interesting project can now become a reality.

  7. David Rosenbaum says:

    Well done to everyone involved. great news.

  8. Alex Ryvchin says:

    Congratulations on your wonderful achievement. London Jewry is in your debt.

  9. Jana BRUWER says:

    CONGRATULATION! Thank you very very much to you all for your hard work and support, too.
    I love you x

  10. Ian says:

    Do you know where the site will be located? Would pupils from Ealing area be able to come as at the moment there are very limited opporrunities.

    • EugeneR says:

      Dear Ian,

      fundraising to enable us to secure a site is our main priority at the moment. We are still focusing on the Wandsworth area, but pupils from all areas can apply for a place. We will shortly list our admission policies which are in line with government requirements. If the school is oversubscribed we will have to prioritise applications with respect to these policies. The admission criteria will include our intended 50/50 split with regard to Jewish and Non-Jewish students and will also look at factors such as distance from the school.

      We will keep you updated as to any developments. Thank you for your support.

  11. Joshua Felberg says:

    A great day for the Jewish community of South London. Although I haven’t been involved in the project directly for some time now I have always been passionate for the cause. I hope that this marks the beginning of a renaissance in the Jewish life of South London and guarantees the future of our community. This however is not the end, just the beginning, and it thus seems appropriate to say chazak, chazak vnitchazeak.

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