SLJPS takes a step further to realising its vision of a cross-communal Jewish school in South London

Richmond, South London, 14th June 2012

Supporters of the South London Jewish Primary School (SLJPS) from all over London have attended a workshop aimed to develop an understanding of the practical implications of a ‘pluralist’ model the communities’ first Jewish primary school.

A cross communal workshop facilitated by Dr Helena Miller, Director of Research, Evaluation and Living Bridge programmes at UJIA was held at Richmond United Synagogue. It hosted representatives from communities across South London in a positive and cohesive discussion. The event was another step towards the aim of opening South London’s first Jewish Primary School by September 2013.

Helena was able to share her experiences of Jewish faith-based schools through her work with JCoss and other schools. She facilitated a lively discussion on integrating a Jewish ethos and practice into a cross communal, pluralist Jewish school.

“We have had an absorbing, stimulating evening getting to grips with some of the finer details of our school’s reality in terms of day to day practices and processes. After months of theoretical research and visits to Jewish schools across our community it was very exciting to sit with members of the South London Community and work through real life scenarios,” said Shirley Lee, Co-Chairperson, SLJPS Committee.

“Our Steering Group and numerous supporters represent a wide range of Jewish and non-Jewish observances and practices. Having so many people represented around a table, debating, sharing, understanding and agreeing has been a very positive experience for us all.”

The discussion centred around the JCoss motto of ‘Elu v’elu… translated ‘these and these are the words of G-d’. Participants also discussed in detail a range of scenarios including kashrut, the wearing of Kippot and tzitzit, birkhat hamazon and shabbat observance.

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