We ask you to register your children using the form below. This will enable us to gauge the number of students we are likely to have and ensure that we have the right levels of resources for that number. It will also help us ensure that we can get in touch with you to notify you when we have key events such as open days.

It is important that you also complete the Wandsworth admissions process as shown on the admissions page.

Parents should be aware of and support our school’s ethos. Please read it carefully:

To enable children to discover and take their place in the community, confident in their own practice, culture, heritage and beliefs

To create an environment in which children have a voice and can become confident and creative in all they do

To value every individual’s unique abilities and needs

To emphasise the importance of mutual responsibility, respect and consideration for others within the Jewish community, British society and the wider world

To provide for children to reach their full potential, emotionally, socially, academically and spiritually

Thank you for your support!

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We are committed to ensuring that your information is safe. We will never share your information with anybody outside the school organisation. Please read our privacy policy if you have any concerns. 

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