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What is the Mosaic Jewish Primary School?
MJPS will be a cross-communal,mixed community school committed to creating an environment in which children can grow to their fullest potential as responsible members of society.

Will Hebrew be taught?
Yes, Hebrew (Ivrit) will be introduced in Reception as a modern language through everyday activities, songs and dances.

Will any other languages be offered? 
Yes, we are planning to offer a second modern language from year 3.

Will there be daily Jewish prayers?
The school’s collective worship will be inclusive in that pupils can participate or reflect as appropriate. There will be daily Jewish prayers either in whole school assemblies or in the classroom.

Will there be kosher food offered to the children?
Yes, the meals that the school will provide will be kosher with a vegetarian option, which will also satisfy the requirements of halal food for Muslim students.

Will the school teach Jewish history, festivals, practice etc?
Yes, as a Jewish School the entire ethos of the school is grounded in Jewish values and texts. (See Ethos section of the website) Judaism will be integrated into the general curriculum which will be enriched by following themes from the many cycles of the Jewish Year. The whole school community will be involved in living Jewish values through social action projects, caring for the environment and valuing each other. Cultural Judaism will also enrich the curriculum through art, music, drama, literature and much more. (See Jewish Studies section of the curriculum)

Will other religions be taught at the school?
Yes, the teaching about other major world faiths will be part of the R.E. (religious education) curriculum and will lead our children to having a clearer understanding of and respect for different faiths and cultures.

Will the school close early on Friday for Shabbat and on festivals?
Yes, we shall close for two days for festivals and shall close early on Fridays during the winter when the days are shorter. Terms will be organised to ensure that no child will miss out on school contact time over the academic year. The school terms calendar for 2013-14 will be on the website soon.

What provision will there be for non-Jewish students on the days the school is closed?
The school calendar will be published in plenty of time for parents to make alternative child care arrangements on days the school is closed both on staff training days and on Jewish festivals.

Will the school teach about Israel?
Yes, the school will teach about Israel and about a range of other countries over the seven years of a child’s life at MJPS.

Will boys wear kippot?
Boys will be expected to wear kippot (skull caps) during prayers and some children may choose to wear kippot throughout the day.

Will the school teach an orthodox stream of Judaism or a liberal one? 
MJPS is not aligned to a particular strand of Judaism. As stated in our application form to the Department for Education, ‘underpinning our approach is a view that in our school, when discussing all faith traditions and practice our teachers will ask ‘What does your family do?’ not say, ‘This is what you must do.’ (adapted from Eden Primary School)’

Will there be mezuzahs (a parchment inscribed with a biblical passage which is attached to the doorpost of a room) on all doors?
Yes, we are currently fundraising for such items so please get in touch at if you are interested in sponsoring a mezuzah for the school.

Will boys be required to wear tzitzit (ritual fringes) at school?
Boys will certainly be able to wear tzitzit at MJPS if they so choose.

Will boys be taught about wearing tefillin (a daily prayer ritual)?
It is traditional for boys to start laying tefillin at the age of 12 which is after they will have left primary school. Should parents seek support in locating a suitable teacher for this once they have left the school MJPS is happy to offer appropriate guidance or contacts.

Why do we need a new school?
There is a real shortage of primary school places throughout South London and especially in the Southfields area.

Why a Free School?
The government is making funds available to open new schools that are supported by  and work with the local community with aim of offering excellent education for all.

Why a Jewish School?
There are no Jewish primary or secondary schools in South London. This is an opportunity to offer this high level of education and support to the South London community.

What will the School teach? Will it follow the National Curriculum?
The school will follow the National Curriculum guidelines within an integrated Jewish Curriculum so that all children will be well prepared to go into local secondary schools, both state and private at age 11.

For more information about the curriculum please visit our curriculum page.

Will it cost anything? Who is responsible for the running costs of the school?
This will be a government funded school and the maintenance will be the responsibility of the Head Teacher, the school Governors, and the school community.

How will Special Needs and all extra professional help be funded?
The government funding that the school receives will include money for extra educational support as decided by the Head Teacher.

Free Schools Meals and Benefits?
All families that are eligible for free school meals and other benefits will continue to receive them.

How big will be the school be?
The school will be a single form entry primary school accepting children from Reception to Year 6. It will open with a single Reception class in September 2013.

Where will it be?
We are currently looking at possibilities in the Borough of Wandsworth in and around SW15, SW18 & SW19.

It is probable that the school will open in temporary accommodation whilst the site is developed into a custom designed Primary School with up to date equipment and good outside facilities.

Will there be transport for children who live further away from the school, what about having a school bus?
Our team of interested parents has undertaken research into companies that provide appropriate transport. Once we know where children, who have accepted a place at the school are located much more detail can be explored. However initial exploration suggests the daily cost could be around £10 for a chaperoned return journey, which is in line with independent schools offering a similar service, using their own mini-bus. Government funding will not pay for a school bus, however if we can raise funds through charitable giving to purchase and maintain a minibus then this would be a serious option. The costs are significant with insurance, road tax, driver qualifications, parking arrangements and provision of an appropriate adult to chaperone the children on the bus. Despite this we certainly hope to be able to have our own mini-bus, subject to the funding. Any offers of funds or fundraising support for this are most welcome.

Will you arrange a car sharing scheme?
Car sharing would be a parent-led initiative to which the School would lend its full support, but are not permitted to co-ordinate. Like many schools we would encourage parents to consider car sharing schemes in line with current local authority transport policy such as Wandsworth’s School Travel Plan initiative.

Will it have normal school term dates and hours?
The school will be open during normal school hours and the school year will be divided into 3 terms. It will fit around the Local Authority school term dates as much as possible. As the Jewish Sabbath starts at dusk, the school will close early on Friday afternoons in the winter months. The school will be closed for Jewish holidays as well as the usual Bank Holidays.

Will there be a breakfast club?
For those interested the school intends to offer a breakfast club on site. A breakfast club is likely to be run by staff members from the early morning.

Will there be after school care?
For parents seeking afterschool care we have undertaken research into local providers and this information is available on request.

Will there be after school clubs?
After school clubs will only run from Year One onwards and are not something we would want to encourage for Reception-aged children who will be going to school all day for the first time.

Who can apply?
The school is for ALL children (both religious and non religious backgrounds); those born on or after 1 September 2008 will be eligible to apply. The plan is to open the school in September 2013.

Will my child get in?
The admissions criteria are: 50% Jewish community and 50% local community and will follow the Local Authority admissions guidelines.

How do I apply for the school?
The Mosaic Jewish Primary School will be included in the Local Authority’s process for allocating pupils to schools. To apply please follow the links on our admissions page.

Will all children be learning Jewish Studies in the school?
Jewish Studies will be integrated into the curriculum in the youngest classes and all children will learn about Jewish festivals and also the festivals of other faiths. As the school grows we will review the curriculum through consultation with parents and education specialists.

How can I express my interest in applying for a place at the Mosaic Jewish Primary School?
Complete the information by clicking on the Register link.

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