Permanent site update – May 2015

Article posted on Thursday, May, 14th, 2015 at 4:36 pm

May 2015

It’s a bit frustrating that there hasn’t been a lot to see from Roehampton Lane since the demolition of the extension to Hartfield House.

We can assure you that a huge amount of work has been done at the construction site for our new school.  Our site visit on 13th May was really exciting!   The frame for the reception classrooms is up and we were able to walk into the actual classrooms.  The second floor frame – the hall and studio – will be erected in the next week.

One Reception Classroom

One Reception Classroom

The piling for the foundations of the 12-classroom block is reaching completion, which represents good progress for Phase Two of the project.

The Hartfield House’s refurbishment moving on a pace on all floors of the building and very soon we will have our first completed room so we can finally see what the finished rooms will look like.

The details that have to be agreed are endless and include everything from the positioning of electrical sockets to the colours of the chairs in each classroom.  The children have been consulted on colours and they have been asked to make suggestions on wide variety of items, details of which can be found in the weekly newsletters.

The plans for the school kitchen has been finalised and the equipment ordered.  Once complete we look forward to welcoming people from across the community to book for special family and community events.

The classroom interior designs and the furniture arrangements have been agreed. We have also taken future proofing into consideration for the hall so that when we can afford to add facilities for staging productions and concerts the cabling, fixtures and electrics will all be in place.

Next week the hall frame will go on top of
this to make a two storey building.

Detailed security plans have been made and the IT infrastructure has all been agreed and hardware ordered.  The costs for the specially commissioned designs for the community room are being investigated.

Next week the hall frame will go on top of                                                                                                               this to make a two storey building.

Next week the hall frame will go on top of
this to make a two storey building.

There have of course been meetings galore!  The most effective of these are when the different contractors, the builders, the architect and school representatives are all round the table hearing the same questions and answers and agreeing actions and deadlines.

At a recent event welcoming our new parents we were asked if the building will be ready for us to move in by September. The short answer is yes and the move from Queensmere Road to Roehampton Lane has been scheduled for August 2015, just a few short months away. Phase One will be completed in time for the start of the autumn term. There have been challenges and delays, but each hurdle has been confronted and solutions found. The block of 12 classrooms, which is Phase Two will be occupied by the beginning of 2016.


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