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Victoria McKinlay – daughter in Year 2

My daughter  started at this school in 2013 and we are so pleased with the way she has settled in. The class teacher and teaching assistants are so welcoming and attentive – my daughter had a little nervous wobble this morning yet the teaching assistant knew exactly how to bring her out of it, by making her laugh and encouraging her to join in with a fun activity.

The classrooms are bright and airy, with lots of well structured and stimulating activities. When I drop her off, the other children are immersed in focused learning through play and don’t even look up at me!

Parents are made to feel very included in the school community, with lots of updates from the school and social events on a regular basis. Whether you are Jewish or not, there is no difference in how you are treated as a parent – those attending the school are from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and religions – but all are very friendly, bringing with them diversity and interesting outlooks to a warm and inviting ‘melting pot’.

I visited 10 local schools before making my application this year, and am so glad I put this at the top of the list!


Rachel Rydzewski – son in Reception

“Mosaic Jewish Primary School has been such a welcome relief for us. After a year of stressing, waiting and debating on what was the right primary school choice for our son, luckily the option of this school presented itself and we are so glad that it did! Our family is personally not religious, but the teachings seem to even further enrich the children’s learning. The care and dedication of the teachers on staff is so evident in their daily interactions with the students, as well as the parents. My son settled in immediately and truly loves going to school every day and getting excited about what they will learn next!”


Sally Mash – son in Reception

“I moved to Southfields in 2010 with my son and at the time had no idea what the world of school places was all about. I soon found out! I decided that I wanted to make up my own mind and not rely on second or third hand information; a common mistake I think many people make when deciding on a school. When I received a flyer through my door for Mosaic Jewish Primary School, the school was yet to be a reality. After attending a talk with the Governors and Mrs Baum, the Head Mistress, I was more than sold. The enthusiasm and the high level of skills held by the Board and staff and the spirit of inclusiveness, convinced me that this would be the perfect school for my son. He has settled in extremely well and enjoys participating in the ethos of the school and its Jewish principles. I would thoroughly recommend Mosaic to anyone who wishes to embrace the spirit of this faith school.”


Caroline Miller – son in Year 2

“We couldn’t be happier with Mosaic.  Our little boy loves it there and can’t wait to get to school every morning.  His enthusiasm is matched by that of the caring and professional staff.  We are very pleased with the inclusive and friendly environment and the quality of teaching and new facilities.”

Formerly South London Jewish Primary School

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