Our Educational Vision

Article posted on Thursday, September, 27th, 2012 at 2:58 pm

Educational Excellence and Jewish values

Children have a wonderful, relentless curiosity – we shall nurture and develop this within an ethical and supportive Jewish environment

A Successful School

Our children will

  • leave the school happy, confident
  • be equipped for an ever-changing world
  • be mutually respectful
  • be prepared to live active and purposeful lives
  • be able to find, evaluate and apply information for themselves
  • be inspired to explore and respect their own roots, faiths and cultures and those of others
  • have an added spiritual dimension
  • appreciate the need to protect the environment
  • be confident communicators
  • be well-informed about the value of a healthy life-style
  • belong to a popular school, with high expectations

Our curriculum vision

“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” Chinese proverb

  •  We will teach within a caring and nurturing environment that develops the potential of all children, building their self-esteem and confidence to enable them to develop the skills to think and learn effectively.
  • Our commitment to Jewish Education is to ensure that all children and their families benefit from universal Jewish values and ethics whatever strand of Judaism they adhere to and whatever faith they follow. Our aim is to educate children of all faiths, beliefs and none, about Judaism so that they leave as responsible and communally active individuals. We hope they will develop a sense of identity that includes the best of Jewish and British values and tradition. They will be growing up in a diverse local and global community and should know their place in that community. Jewish values are strongly connected to all faiths so should support children’s burgeoning spiritual development.

High standards

We want children’s time in school to be exciting, absorbing and rewarding leading to high academic attainment achieved through a well taught and inspiring, curriculum

Increasing choice and diversity

By promoting Jewish values of community and learning we will respect the school’s diverse population and create a sense of community and a commitment to helping children to grow and realise their potential.

Including all Children

The ethos of the school will be underpinned by outstanding teaching and a curriculum that meets the educational and social needs of all children.

Our special needs and disability provision (SEND) will ensure that children with learning, behaviour, or emotional difficulties and those who are gifted and talented will have access to appropriate resources within school to help them reach their full potential

Our ethos recognises the importance of building confidence and respect by valuing every individual’s unique abilities and needs creating an environment in which children have a voice and can become confident and creative.

“If the child is not learning the way you are teaching, then you must teach in the way the child learns”

Dr. Rita Dunn St. John’s University

Behaviour and Attendance

A well taught engaging curriculum makes an important contribution to good pupil behaviour and attendance in a school.  The SLJPS is a caring community with respect and appreciation at the heart of our ethos. The curriculum and our varied methods of teaching aim to embed these values and encourage children to behave well and attend regularly.

Partnership with parents

SLJPS exists because of the vision of our parents and local community. With your help, it will thrive and grow to be an outstanding example of inclusive, ethical and socially responsible education in South London.

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