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Article posted on Sunday, September, 15th, 2013 at 6:19 pm

On the 16 September 2010 a small group of people sat around a table to discuss whether to research the possibility of applying to open a Free school in Wandsworth.

The idea was to propose a school with a very special vision to inspire, excel and respect not only Jews from across the diverse Jewish community, but children of all faiths, beliefs and none.

Three years to the day – 16 September 2013 – our pioneering parents and carers will bring their children to MJPS. The very first cohort of pupils will begin their full-time education in our cutting edge, well resourced classrooms where the curriculum has been planned to operate both indoors and out, right from Day 1.

The excitement of the team waiting to welcome your children and the delight of the governors, parents and supporters of the school can be felt in the air!!

We know that unlike many new schools, our temporary site has excellent facilities for our children but on Wednesday evening a number of staff and governors visited our permanent site for the first time.

Everyone could see that the planning and construction of this purpose built new school in such a great location is going to be another fascinating journey.


Kate Baum – headteacher with Shirley Lee

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