New school update

Article posted on Friday, October, 23rd, 2015 at 11:06 am

The last month has been a real challenge. It was a big decision to go ahead with the move on the 21st September when we knew the site was safe but not as far advanced as we had expected..  We realised we just needed to move in.

Thank you all for being so understanding.  Now we have telephones, hot meals and increasing space on which to play it has become a pleasure to welcome you all and our visitors.  There”s a great deal still to do but the children”s classrooms with their stimulating environments look as if they have been settled there for much more than 16 school days!!

The Community Room is being used and plans are being put in place for a number of events which will give parents more opportunities to meet up.

As Phase 2 moves towards its conclusion there will also be more outdoor space for parents to congregate and chat first thing in the morning.  We had a meeting with the construction company this week and felt very encouraged by the progress they are making with Phase 2-the 12 additional classrooms.

The remaining outdoor space will be revealed gradually as will the rest of our purpose built site.

Site update

It’s a complex building project but the most challenging construction has now been completed.  It’s always risky to give specific dates for the completion of each section but following this week”s meeting we have been told that all other things being equal the children should be able to move to their new Year 1 and Year 2 classrooms by February half term. Because they have good temporary classrooms we can make that move when we feel it is completely the right time to do it.

You will see more progress when you return after half term.

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