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Article posted on Monday, June, 18th, 2012 at 10:07 pm

During a recent event at Apples & Honey nursery we managed to set up a place for people to suggest more names for the school. The names and reasons were as follows:

Hath’cha’la Tova – Meaning ‘good start’

The Ark School – referring to both the ark in Judaism and the ark into the community

Sycamore Primary

Yachad – togetherness/community

Dove School – the dove representing peace

South London Jewish Primary School – it’s simple and to the point


2 Responses to More name suggestions

  1. SAL says:

    Yahad with its meaning ‘together’ has real possibilities. I hope it’s on the short list. Seems appropriate for a school that would welcome all members of both the Jewish community and the wider community.

  2. James Leek says:

    Congratulations on the initial approval – wonderful news.

    here are some more name ideas. I have tried to avoid Hebrew which will only mean something to the 50% Jewish and find something which could relate to all the abrahamic faiths who may presumably be the majority of our pupils.
    Tree of Knowledge
    Genesis South
    Abraham’s Tent

    Good luck

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