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The Governing Board is delighted to announce that following a rigorous recruitment process we appointed Ms Jo Gordon as Headteacher of Mosaic Jewish Primary School from September 2022.


Ms Gordon is currently an extremely successful Deputy Head of a Jewish primary school in North London.  She brings with her nine years’ experience as a Deputy Head and has worked in a number of different primary schools in London.  As part of the interview day she met with all staff, a number of pupils and a group of governors. She impressed all with her responses to their many questions.


Ms Gordon said: "I am delighted and honoured to be appointed your new Headteacher. I am very keen to get to know families, as well as pupils and staff. From my experience as a Deputy Headteacher of nine years, a happy, effective school depends on all of us working together. I have certainly had a very warm welcome from Governors, Staff and Pupils so far. Thank you. I look forward to meeting you soon and answering any questions you might have.”


We are all really excited by this appointment and look forward to introducing Ms Gordon to the school community.  Over the next seven weeks Ms Gordon and Miss Patel will be working together to ensure a smooth transition in September.


Best wishes

Diana Muallem

Chair of Governors

Simon and Hannah Kupfer, were two of the first Mosaic pupils in 2013 when the school started. Their parents Anne and Andreas were among the very first parents supporting the idea of building a Jewish school in South West London.

On the 14th May family and friends joined with the Wimbledon Synagogue Community to celebrate the barmitzvah of Simon and the bat mitzvah of Hannah  - according to Jewish tradition this ceremony celebrates that they have arrived at the age of religious responsibility. They also become responsible for their own decisions and actions.

thumbnail_Capture (CAM 1) (87).jpeg

Both of the twins read from the torah (the Five books of Moses) in Hebrew. They sang, read prayers in English and explained beautifully what preparing for the ceremony meant to each of them.  They chose to fundraise for the South London Refugee Association as part of their preparations and spoke eloquently of the importance of fairness and acceptance of people from all faiths, cultures and nationalities.

Hannah said: "I think after being in Secondary school what I miss most about Mosaic was how straightforward school was. The work was what you'd expect but what was special was the experience - Making friends, having fun during lessons and being around people you can trust. That's what I loved about Mosaic and that's what I miss most of all. It's a really great school." 


Simon said:  "Preparing for my B'nei Mitzvah was often difficult, though going to Mosaic helped me a lot!!   I'd like to say a massive "Thank you" to all of the teachers there who supported our Jewish learning to the end of Year 6. " 


It was a privilege and a pleasure to be part of the celebration. I felt pride, as I often do, when I meet young people who have been through Mosaic. Pride that they leave as confident, articulate young people who care and will make a difference in their life.


Congratulations, mazeltov to Simon and Hannah and their family.

Well done.

Shirley Lee, founding Governor. 

Photos from Cultural Day - Thursday 5th May


Year 1 visit the Isabella Plantation

On Friday 29th April, Year 1 visited the Isabella Plantation, a 40 acre woodland set within Richmond Park. The children had a blast looking at all the beautiful flowers in bloom. They explored all through the dazzling Azaelas, Camelias and Rhododendrons and hunted to find the flowers on our scavenger hunt list. It was a long walk there and back but Year 1 never give up!  Miss Cohen said "it was an amazing day out!"


FOM Coffee Morning & Uniform sale, Friday 29th April

The FOM Coffee morning on Friday 29th April was a great success.  They had fresh Challah for sale, delicious freshly baked banana bread and a uniform sale.  Many parents came along and the FOM raised just under £200 which is fantastic!  Huge thanks to our FOM team and all the parents, carers and families that joined us for a lovely coffee morning. 

Screenshot 2022-05-07 at 14.05.49.png
Screenshot 2022-05-07 at 14.06.14.png
Screenshot 2022-05-07 at 14.06.50.png

Our new Summer term menu

New healthy fresh and tasty menu using locally sourced ingredients when available and in season. 

Freshly baked bread, fresh fruit, yoghurts and fresh drinking water served daily.

Three week repeating menu cycle, with dates under each week. 
Parents Welcome at Friday's Shabbat - 4th March 2022

Wheat Aleph and Torah Team pupils were so excited to welcome back their parents and carers to our Shabbat on Friday following their video announcement (which they directed all by themselves).  We really hope you enjoyed your time as much as the children did. 

The Torah team have some important news to share with you all...  28th February 2022

MP Fleur Anderson visit
to Mosaic 21/02/22

Mosaic Jewish Primary School hosted a special visitor on Monday 21st February. Fleur Anderson, Labour Member of Parliament for Putney, Roehampton & Southfields, visited South London’s only Jewish School today, a visit that has been postponed for two years since her election, due to the pandemic. Fleur re-arranged the meeting as she had heard that “Mosaic is fantastic” and she really wanted to visit us.

Fleur met with Headteacher, Nerrissa Bear and Shirley Lee, one of Mosaic’s founding Governors. Fleur addressed the children in morning assembly and informed them of the issues she is currently campaigning for. One of which is wet wipes that contain tiny pieces of plastic which harms fish and damages our environment. The children were extremely interested in this one way of cleaning up our environment as it is their future she is trying to protect.

Nicholas and Gabia, Mosaic’s Head Boy & Girl, were joined by Blimi, the Torah Team leader, taking Fleur on a tour of the school. Blimi first explained how they prepare for the ‘welcome to Shabbat’ which the staff and children attend every Friday afternoon organised by the Torah Team.

During the tour, Shirley Lee, founding Governor, gave a detailed history of the school and its beginnings in Wimbledon and the move to the new school site. (Read our journey here: https://www.mjps.org.uk/our-journey).

Fleur visited Reception class to Year 6 with many children asking lots of great questions along the way, for example, how did you become an MP? Do you have meetings with Boris Johnson? Have you met the Queen? What is the difference between Labour and Conservative? The pupils learned a lot about Government and what it is like representing so many people in a constituency.

Fleur was especially interested in the new Well-being Room which has been set up for the children and the large Technology area that was kindly donated to the school. We are incredibly lucky to have such great facilities for the children to use. Nerrissa Bear & Fleur spoke about some of the issues the school currently have surrounding the Local Plan and school drop off parking which Fleur would also take up with TFL and the council.

Fleur asked all the children to write to her if they had any issues that she could help with and promised every letter would be replied to, which was very encouraging and exciting for the children.

The Head Boy presented Fleur with a piece of art entitled ‘The Rain Forest’ created by the children which Fleur said she would proudly hang in her office.

Headteacher Nerrissa Bear said “It was a terrific opportunity to show Fleur around our amazing school. Mosaic is a hidden gem in the community. We are delighted to welcome her to the Mosaic Family and hope to see her again for future events.” Fleur agreed more families should visit the school and see it for themselves.

Founding Chair of the MJPS Governing Board, Shirley Lee said, “Mosaic is a wonderful example of a successful and inclusive faith school.” Should any families wish to attend our next Open Day or request a personal tour, please email admin@mjps.org.uk and we would be delighted to show you around.

PHOTOS: Copyright Mosaic Jewish Primary School 2022

For further information & photographs please contact Tracy Dale - marketing@mjps.org.uk

MJPS + Fleur Anderson + Assembly 21 Feb 22.jpeg
MJPS + Fleur Anderson + Shabbat 21 Feb 22.jpeg
MJPS + Fleur Anderson + Wellbeing room 21 Feb 22.jpeg
MJPS + Fleur Anderson + Artwork 21 Feb 22.jpeg
MJPS + Fleur Anderson + presentation 21 Feb 22.jpeg
MJPS + Fleur Anderson + group 21 Feb 22.jpeg
September return 
Welcome back to Mosaic 
Welcome back to MJPS for another exciting year. It has been really lovely seeing all the happy children with smiley faces settling in to another year at Mosaic. 
I would like to say a warm welcome to the new members of our team: 
Luke Barker - Year 1 teacher 
Emilia Zubonya - Year 4 teacher 
Shreeji Patel - Year 6 teacher 
Charlotte Brandar - Year 2 HLTA
Emma Mitcham - Administrator 
15th September 
Virtual Sports Day
30th June 2020
Join in the fun from your living room! 
As a result of restrictions in place for all primary schools, we are unable to carry out sports day as we normally would; however, that does not mean that we have to miss out!
Join us on SeeSaw on Thursday 2nd July for our Virtual Sports Day. 
Screenshot 2020-06-30 at 16.51.36.png
Screenshot 2020-06-30 at 16.51.36.png
Home School Science 
26th June 2020
The adventures of Gr-Egg!
During this period of home learning, we have all been extremely impressed with the videos and activities that we have seen taking place at home, on Seesaw. 
One that has really stood out is the adventures of Gr-Egg, a video/science experiment created by one of our UKS2 pupils and his father. 
I am sure you will all enjoy it as much as we have. 
Well Done Gr-Egg!  
Diversity at Mosaic
16th June 2020
Difference. Solidarity. Diversity.
What is difference? What is solidarity? What is diversity? They are all words which represent our school. It is so important to appreciate our differences and ensure everyone has a space to be heard, loved and respected. In this video, we hope you can really understand why difference and diversity should be a fundamental part of all of our lives. We need to educate ourselves about our histories to help us to understand others. It’s time to stand together and love what makes us different.
Staff Video 
We're all in this together
We, the staff at Mosaic, wanted to create something to show the children how much we are all missing them and to bring a smile to their faces. We hope you all enjoyed our video. 
25th May 2020