Jewish New Year tashlich walk

Article posted on Friday, October, 7th, 2016 at 2:03 pm



Wishing for a good year ahead!


yom kippur 1                               yom kippur



All the children thoroughly enjoyed our Jewish New Year Tashlich walk. We made excellent use of Richmond Park which is only ten minutes away.

We all walked to the bridge near Roehampton gate and threw crumbs into the stream to represent washing our mistakes of the last year away. We then made a wish for a health, happy and successful new year.

Shabat Shalom

Kate Baum


Please note our open days and contact the  office if you would like to attend one the dates given below:


Wednesday 19th October       9.30am

Tuesday 15th November          1.30pm

Thursday 8th December          9.30pm

Thursday 5th January              9.30pm

Wednesday 11th January        1.30pm



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