How we created the shortlist for school names

Article posted on Wednesday, July, 18th, 2012 at 12:01 am

Over the past few months we have received numerous wonderful suggestions for the school.

To reflect the amount of thought and enthusiasm that went into submitting these names we felt it appropriate to provide an explanation for why certain names didn’t make it into the shortlist. Please do not feel discouraged if the name you suggested wasn’t selected, and keep in mind that this is your school, so if you disagree with any of our decisions then speak up and we will listen to your wishes.

Please also visit the voting page and select the name that best reflects the values of the school.

The names below are listed in the order they were received:

Name Explanation
Shalom School The name Shalom is very common amongst schools and organisation and it was felt that we would lose individuality and make it difficult to create an identity with this name.We have been considering combining Shalom with another word, such as Shalom Gesher, but have not been able to decide on a specific combination.
Named after a patron This is definitely still an option. Our ambition is to create an exceptional school and this will require significant funding to provide the best opportunities for our students. As such we must keep the option of naming the school after a benefactor as an option.
Kingsley Jewish Primary School
It was felt that naming the school after one member of a large school team is inappropriate.
Merton JPSWandsworth JPS It was felt that the current name was a better descriptor than Merton or Wandsworth.
Shofar SchoolMitzvah Jewish Primary The names were seen as having the same issues as the Shalom school, after long consultations the community felt that the other names were a better descriptor of the school’s goals.
Weizmann SchoolStar of David Primary School

Magen David Primary School

Noah Primary School

Micah Primary School

Julia Neuberger School

Queen Esther School

Balfour Jewish Primary

The Herzl School

Einstein School

King David School

King Solomon School

These name had significant support, however it was felt that the name should not be gender and philosophy specific. As such we had to eliminate most names which were intended as tributes.
Sulam Primary School The Hebrew term for Ladder provides beautiful imagery, however it was felt that most people preferred Gesher and Yahad as a name.
Tamar Primary SchoolOlive Branch Primary School
Sycamore Primary
Trees are very popular suggestions due to the symbolism, however Yahad was chosen instead of Tamar.
Atid Primary SchoolTerem School Using ‘future’ and ‘before’ were considered beautiful ideas but seemed to consistently come as second choices to the other Hebrew words.
Tribe Primary SchoolStars Primary School

Dove School

It was felt that these names were not popular enough with the community. The Dove School especially was seen as a good option, but the imagery behind the other names in the shortlist was preferred.
Yachad The name has appeared in the shortlist as ‘Yahad’. This is because it was felt that Yachad could lead to mispronounciation.
Hath’cha’la Tova Although a beautiful statement, the name proved too complicated for the school name.
The Ark School This name was particularly popular, but is in conflict with the Ark Foundation and several other educational organisations.
Named after sister city in Israel It was felt that naming the school after a city would not sufficiently define the nature and goals of the school.
The Negev School The name had a few issues, amongst them the fact that Negev is a type of machine gun. The region in Israel was seen as relevant but did not capture the nature of the school as well as the shortlisted names.

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