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Article posted on Thursday, April, 3rd, 2014 at 9:36 am

Permanent Site – Roehampton Lane

Where are we now as the end of term approaches?

Receiving the keys to Hartfield House was a very special moment and as we continue on the journey to moving in to our permanent home we will post regular updates on progress.

March-April 2014 update

We have been having regular, very useful and effective meetings with the project manager from the Education Funding Agency (EFA) the construction company representatives and the architect since September.

  • There have been several pre-planning consultation meetings.  These have been open to parents, councillors, members of the community and the general public.  They were advertised in the press and through leaflets and posters in many locations locally.  Leaflets were distributed through the school’s and other data bases.  The head teacher and chair of governors each attended Roehampton Forum meetings.
  • Our MP Justine Greening visited and discussed the plans too. She continues to provide really good support and contacts for us.
  • We have had very positive feedback on the proposals and some useful suggestions.
  • The recent addition of a 3D model to the plans on display in school has increased our excitement!   If you haven’t been to see the plans then please arrange to visit.
  • The proposals for the permanent site will go to the Wandsworth planners on 11 April. 
  • Following this there will be a 3 months consultation period. During this time the builders and technical support people will continue to work with the architect and MJPS to ensure everything is in place for the first day one site.

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