Friends of MJPS

The Friends of Mosaic is the Parent, Teacher and wider Community Association of Mosaic Jewish Primary School.  It brings together the school and the wider community, to support our school and includes parents and carers, staff, local residents, and other interested parties.

Click here to see the Friends of Mosaic 2017-18 Events Diary.

Our Aims

Friends of Mosaic Jewish Primary School, aims to enable children to:

1.    Be Inspired

2.    Develop Self Respect

3.    Achieve excellence

To help the School realise these aims we will give support to each of the key partners; the teachers and the wider school, the parents and the children.  We do this through:

Support for the school:

  • Fundraising – for facilities and equipment that are not funded by the main school budget.
  • Community Engagement – organising social activities that bring members of the school and community together.
  • Support to curriculum activities.

Encouraging and facilitating parent involvement:

  • Improving communication – for example, through newsletters and website updates.
  • Building networks between the school, parents and community – by involving members in activities, keeping everyone updated in a formal way through annually produced documents and informally through class representatives and email updates.
  • Organising and co-ordinating volunteer time and efforts.

Working closely with the teachers, we co-ordinate and fund activities for the children which:

  • Focus on what children need to be successful.
  • Enhance their experience of being part of the school ‘family’.
  • Facilitate opportunities for them to have fun and be happy.
  • Help them achieve physical fitness and general wellbeing.


As a registered charity we work to host a range of exciting and fun events for our school community and at the same time raise funds for the school and its students.  Friends of Mosaic’s main focus is to raise money for the school and to buy things that cannot be paid for from the school’s own budget. Our aim is to provide items that enhance the experience of a child at school and, where possible, we prefer to support projects that are accessible to the widest number of children – an inclusive rather than exclusive approach. For example we are currently fundraising for additional school playground resources.

Membership of Friends of Mosaic Jewish Primary School

Friends of Mosaic is led by parents and representatives from across the local and wider community. Every current Mosaic parent or carer and the member of staff are automatically members of the Friends group. Our elected committee and team of parent representatives (current parents representing the school year groups) meet monthly and we encourage all interested parties to come along to these meetings.

You don’t have to join the committee to be part of Friends of Mosaic. We would like all parent and many members of our community to become involved in some way and feel an integral part of our school.   There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer, submit ideas. We welcome your contributions.

If you are interested in finding out more or would be happy to help in anyway you can, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

The Committee 2018-2019

Chair: Loreal Naude

Vice Chair: Stephen Licata

Secretary: Cindy Rosengarten

Treasurer: Roberta Cox and Denise Timmermanns

Events Co-Chairs: Deborah Lane and Brenna Lattimore

Teacher Appreciation: Elana Dellal

Community Liasion: Carra Kane

Annual Events include:


Winter Festival Cards and Northbrook Fundraising

Christmas Tree Fundraising

Silent Auction

Hanukkah Fair at Wimbledon Synagogue

School Disco


Annual Quiz Night

Wine Tasting Evening

Easter Egg Hunt

Mock Seder


Annual Golf Tournament

Lag B’Omer Sponsored Walk and BBQ

Summer Fair


Formerly South London Jewish Primary School

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