Excerpt from first newletter to parents

Article posted on Wednesday, September, 18th, 2013 at 11:19 am

This is an excerpt from Kates Baum’s first newletter for parents.

 Welcome to Mosaic Jewish Primary School

Wednesday September 18th 2013

Issue 1 Sukkot

IMG_5355Welcome to Mosaic Jewish Primary School and our very first newsletter. The newsletter will come out at the end of each week (except on the last week of each half term). Its aim is to keep you informed of what has been happening in school and what to look out for in the next week.

This week, in the three short days that we have been open, the children have been getting used to their new school and enjoying all the fabulous resources that are available to them. It has been a pleasure to see their smiling faces and hear their chatter as they have been learning.

In addition to focusing on routines, the children, of course have been learning too. In particular they have been learning about the festival of Sukkot which is beginning this evening. Hence in the outside area we have a succah which has been beautifully decorated by the children of Apples and Honey Nursery and the children have built one inside the classroom too. Traditionally the succah is decorated with fruits and vegetables, and so the children have been carefully looking at fruits and painting and drawing them. We have also learnt the blessing that we say before eating fruit that grows on a tree. Baruch ata adonai, Elehanu melech haolam, borai pari haetz. The word pari means fruit and etz means tree.

I hope that you have managed to catch a glimpse of your children at work at school through the photos on the screen by the entrance. This is another means of keeping you informed of life in the school.

I wish you all a happy festival which in Hebrew is “Hag Sameach”

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