Educational Excellence and Jewish values

Children have a wonderful, relentless curiosity.

We recognise the importance of preparing children for life in an ever-changing world – a world which needs them to develop the skills to become independent and thoughtful learners who can find and evaluate information for themselves. We will prepare children to live active, healthy and purposeful lives as adults.

We want our pupils to experience the joy of learning in a stimulating environment that respects that they need to be inspired and encouraged.

Teachers at MJPS nourish this and help children to see that they are learning all the time and that making mistakes is an important part of learning too. We expect our teachers to be excited by learning themselves and carry the children with them on their learning journey.

Children benefit by seeing that adults too are life-long learners.

Everyone is welcome at MJPS. Our strong relationships with the family and the community underpin the ‘way of life’ at MJPS. We aspire to create a strong sense of local community involvement and to pursue excellence in delivering a primary education.

  • Jewish studies are largely integrated and sometimes Jewish themes are used as starting points for topics within our creative curriculum. Modern Hebrew (Ivrit) is taught from Reception and embedded in the curriculum.
  • We foster an educational environment in which all children can reach their full potential. By identifying children’s strengths and needs we develop their understanding and skills to prepare them for secondary education by building on a foundation that supports progression into the rest of their lives. The curriculum, monitoring and assessment practices support this through regular involvement of children and staff members in assessing progress.
  • MJPS works within the framework of the National Curriculum and beyond to create a rigorously planned and balanced curriculum that sets high expectations for all members of the school. Emphasis is placed on active, skills-based learning, along constructivist and enquiry-based lines. Pupils are thoroughly involved in their own education, encouraged to seek out, thoughtfully investigate and use information of all kinds.
  • Our Jewish ethos which embraces worldwide values permeates the school life. Teaching Torah (The Torah is the Jewish name for the first five books of the Jewish Bible) is about teaching ‘dereh eretz’, right behaviour and all that this entails: caring for oneself, about others, the environment, traditions, the past and the future. It is about studying traditional texts and stories and using the skills and knowledge thus developed to increase our understanding of modern day issues and to develop analytical skills and balanced judgement. It encourages a flexible approach to learning and to people and an understanding that an answer for today will not necessarily fit tomorrow. The questions may remain the same but the answers will change as we change and grow.

Formerly South London Jewish Primary School

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