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Finance and Audit Committee

Chair of Finance: Chris Gibson-Drayfus

Chair of Audit: David Gold   

There are three strands to this Committee, finance, premises and health and safety and staffing. 



 The finance and Audit committee are responsible for:

  • the school finances, ensuring that the school operates within the financial regulations of the DfE and SFVS requirements, responding to any issues arising from the audit of the school’s accounts or SFVS review and ensuring value for money; 

  • the maintenance and development of the school site and premises; 

  • the adoption and implementation of staffing policies and procedures, ensuring that all principles of good and fair employment practice are adhered to, that staff and trade unions are consulted and legal requirements fulfilled;



Finance  will: 

  • keep under review the scheme of delegation in financial matters, including the level of delegation to the Headteacher for the day-to-day financial management of the school, and present to the Governing Body any recommendations for change; 

  • prepare and present to the Governing Body for ratification an annual School Budget which reflects the priorities in the School Development Plan; 

  • monitor the deployment of the School Budget and ensure a termly report to the Governing Body with an evaluation of the use of resources, significant departures from the planned Budget deployment and any appropriate recommendations; 

  • ensure that the School Fund or any other similar fund outside of the School Budget is audited and appropriate records are kept; 


Premises, Health and Safety  will:

  • draw up medium and long-term plans relating to the repair, maintenance and development of school premises and buildings, and recommend any action to the Governing Body; 

  • agree the lettings and charges policy for the use of school premises; 

  • keep all Health and Safety and emergency procedures policies under review, ensuring that necessary checks and assessments are carried out and prioritised for action; 


 Staffing will:

  • agree the staffing structure (teaching and non-teaching) and responsibilities at least annually in relation to the School Budget and the School Development Plan; 

  • keep under review all appropriate staffing policies and procedures, including grievance, discipline, redundancy, capability, sickness absence, performance management, whistle blowing, pay and conditions of employment, and ensure staff are consulted and informed appropriately; 

  • recommend to the Governing Body the procedure for filling vacancies and making staff appointments below the agreed School Leadership Group; 

  • monitor the impact of equalities and diversity policies on staff recruitment and retention; 

  • ensure the school complies with the latest requirements in relation to safe recruitment and safeguarding procedures; 

  • consider any issues referred by the Headteacher outside any scheme or policy adopted by the Governing Body.


The Finance Committee will also nominate 3 non-staff governors (for the avoidance of doubt to include the Chair) to form the Pay and Review Committee will:

  • ensure a review of the whole school pay policy to take account of local and national developments and make appropriate recommendations to the Governing Body; 

  • ensure an annual review of teachers’ salaries in line with current arrangements in the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document 

  • ensure an annual review of support staff salaries in line with current arrangements in the NJC for local government or other appropriate bodies; 

  • consider the recommendation of the Headteacher’s performance review group in relation to whether to award the head an annual increment 

  • receive reports from members of staff about matters relating to any of the issues listed in the above terms of reference. 

  • contribute to, monitor and evaluate the relevant parts of the school’s self-evaluation document, the School Development Plan and the policies indicated above, reporting or making recommendations to the Governing Body as appropriate; 

  • consider recommendations from relevant external reviews for example Audit, Ofsted or external consultant review and agree the actions needed to address any issues identified; to monitor and regularly evaluate the implementation of any agreed plan, reporting or making recommendations to the Governing Body as appropriate; 

  • take appropriate action on any other relevant matter as referred by the Governing Body. 


Statutory policies and documents reviewed by Finance Committee


  • Scheme of Financial Delegation including current levels of authority 

  • Whole School Pay Policy 

  • School Lettings Policy, tenancy/usage agreements and current Rates of Hire 

  • Health and Safety Policy 

  • Headteacher and Teacher Performance Management/Appraisal and Capability 

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