Do you have to be Jewish to apply to MJPS?

No, anyone can apply.

The school has a published admission number of 60 pupils for entry into Reception in 2019. Applications can be made under two categories; faith based and open places with 30 children in each category. 

If either of these categories is undersubscribed, the extra places will be made available to children in the other category. 

Who will decide if applicants meet the requirements for faith places?

The school’s Admissions panel will confirm that the criteria agreed by the Department for Education has been met.

How do I work out whether to apply for a faith place or an open place? 

Look carefully at the criteria for faith places below. Decide which categories suit your situation best. Documentary evidence of as many of the following admissible aspects as are relevant to you can be provided. All aspects have equal weight. You do need to meet one criterion.

a. Membership of a Jewish prayer group for at least 6 months in the 12 months before the application closing date. 

b. Attendance by a parent / carer or child at a minimum of 4 synagogue or other organised Jewish prayer group services in the 12 months before the application closing date. 

c. A child’s enrolment in any formal Jewish education for at least 6 months in the 12 months before the application closing date. 

d. A parent /carer’s regular (at least monthly) involvement as a volunteer in any Jewish communal, charitable or welfare activity of at least a year’s duration in the 2 years before the application closing date. 

e. A parent /carer’s regular (at least 6 individual occurrences) involvement in any combination of the following in the year before the application closing date. 

i. Private or family celebration of Shabbat or Jewish festivals. 

ii. Organised Jewish learning (e g London Jewish Cultural Centre courses, Limmud sessions, Jewish Museum courses).

iii. Jewish youth movement activities.

iv. Organised Jewish community activities (eg Mitzvah Day, Jewish Community Centre events, Jewish Book Week events). 

One of the faith criterion refers to prayer groups.  Does that include synagogues?

Absolutely – synagogue attendance is likely to be the prayer group attended by many people but we also recognise that people may attend other established prayer groups too.

I am Jewish, how do I apply for a faith place?

All applicants must complete the Common Application Form provided by their home local authority or apply online using the link from their local authority’s website (for Wandsworth residents Applicants for a faith-based place must also complete a Supplementary Information Form . Both forms must be returned by 15 January 2019.

Is one criterion more important than another? 

They are all equal in our policy.

Can I tick off more than one evidenced criterion when applying for a faith place?


Yes, you can mark as many criteria as apply to you. 

We have only just arrived in the UK or South London how do we go about meeting your faith criteria?


Evidence required for the faith criteria can be submitted from Jewish organisations of any denomination from anywhere in the UK or overseas. Please contact us directly via the MJPS website or by calling 020 8944 8731 for clarification.

My daughter attended a Jewish nursery in the United States* before we arrived in the UK.  We have not managed to organise a nursery place for her yet in England as we have so recently arrived.  Will her attendance in the US count. (*this is an example)


Yes providing this meets the criterion in the Admissions Policy.  Please get in touch with the school if you need to discuss this further or telephone and you will be put in contact with the person leading on Admissions.

I am new to the area, can you put me in touch with relevant organisations that can confirm that I am meeting the faith criteria on the supplementary form?

Jewish organisations, including synagogues, charitable and cultural organisations of all denominations (for example Orthodox and Progressive) are acceptable for validating our faith criteria. Please contact us directly via the MJPS website or by calling 020 8944 8731 if you need any further assistance in contacting the right organisation for your requirements. 

Can we help you?

If there is anything you cannot find or have a query, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Phone: +44 (0)20 8944 8731