At Last

Article posted on Friday, December, 12th, 2014 at 1:55 pm


At last – after years of planning – the builders have now moved on to our permanent site at 170 Roehampton Lane. The last few months have seen many meetings, negotiations, re-negotiations, challenges and rewards as we have worked tirelessly with the Education Funding Agency, architect and builders to reach agreement on the next steps for construction, so we can transfer to our permanent home in September 2015.

Photographs are being taken to record our journey to opening. This week already different contractors have been on site and the programme has begun!!

What’s behind this intriguing door?

Old Doorway






Beyond the door is the garden behind Hartfield House which will provide outdoor space for the children, even after 14 classrooms, a large hall and studio have been built.

Wide rear view

It promises to be a wonderful site for the school which will encompass the best affordable school design with the refurbishment of the splendid early 1900s Hartfield House which will include the administrative heart of the school as well as a community room and a visionary space for designing and creating .


Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom

Kate Baum and the MJPS team

Open mornings: Thursday 8th January 9:15am 2015 and Tuesday 13th January 2015                                      

If these dates are not convenient for you, please contact our school office where an alternative appointment will be made for you. Telephone: 020 89448731


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