A Very Busy Week!

Article posted on Friday, October, 11th, 2013 at 1:24 pm


This news update comes at the end of our first full week. What a busy one it has been!  Here are just some of the things the children have been learning about.

 I have thoroughly enjoyed working with some of the children on their number skills, particularly their estimations of the number in a group of objects. I look forward to next weekPE where they will be matching quantities to their numerals.

The phonic sounds learnt this week were s, a,  p, and t. Next week will be i, n, m, d.

We had our first P.E. session today where the children really enjoyed balancing whilst sitting and standing. They have also thought about how they would look after the animals in Noah’s ark and that the rainbow, which appears after heavy rain, is a sign of peace (shalom).

We have started to learn about how we welcome the Sabbath (Shabbat).

Kate Baum and the MJPS team.



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